Need help to create your dream home? Look no further than Perpetual Pulse. This dynamic and artistic team of decorators and paint specialists can help you define your personal style and save you valuable time and money, while also making you feel comfortable and exceeding your expectations with stylish spaces in your life. The finishing touches don’t have to be fussy and challenging; it can be fun and expressive.

Perpetual Pulse and its’ sister company, Impulse Décor Boutique are run by a husband and wife team. Andrew and Tasha Mrazek will create spaces that are uniquely tailored to the individual. Every care is taken to create a dream home which seamlessly blends into your lifestyle while reflecting your individual personality, tastes and interests.

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Paint Techniques

Johannesburg based Perpetual Pulse, is a leading company in the field of paint techniques, scenics and fine-art paintings, working on both national and international based projects. They have extensive experience over the last two decades in the commercial, retail and domestic fields, including large scale contracts.

What are paint techniques?

There are many terms used to describe these effects, for example, sponging, ragging and stippling, all of which are outdated. There are many more contemporary terms and effects.

The faux finish is a term used to describe a decorative finish that replicates something else. Such as marble, stone, wood, concrete, even a themed home which has been transformed via our specialised effects into for example a Tuscan Villa. Paint techniques are created using a variety of materials and equipment. With the use of waterbased or oil based paint, along with the correct tools, it is possible to mimic a certain look or material.

The sign of a truly accurate technique or Faux finish is the correct use colour and the right tones, thereby distinguishing between a “kitch” look and a more authentic look. Attention to detail gives the final touch to a specific paint technique. For instance, by adding a touch of white to a concrete finish can take it to another level mimicking the lime which naturally occurs. Often the more layers or washes, the more authentic the effect.

There is a certain sense of satisfaction for an artist and company when you are able to trick the eye into believing a certain finish to be real. Contemporary paint techniques include concrete finishes and painted face brick creating a loft industrial look. The concrete finish has become very popular, we are able to mimic actual concrete with paint. Ombre is an effect where we fade one colour into another usually from floor to ceiling creating a seamless blend which is airbrushed, the look is soft yet it has a tremendous impact.

Often what separates a contemporary look from a classic look is the choice of colours, classical being more natural earthy tones and contemporary being more greys and darker colours.

Paint techniques can be applied to an endless array of surfaces…